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Captain Aroid - Jos Vanden Abeele
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I'm Captain Aroid

Simply because it's easier to pronunciate than "Jos"

As Captain Aroid I am trying to bring European aroid breeding to the 21st century. I am located in Gent (Belgium). My focus is on creating hybrid cultivars of Anthurium, Philodendron and Monstera

Captain Aroid - Best Buds

How It All Started

I have been fascinated with plants and especially growing them every since I had to grow a bean seed to fruition when I was about 12. My grandmother had the most fascinating flower and vegetable garden feeding into the green dream of a little boy. While she always made sure to add that "the garden was looking awful", the green thumb was definitely given from generation to generation.

Fast forward to my years studying at the University of Ghent and graduating as a bio engineer with a specialisation in agriculture. Even 10 years later, during the first lockdown in March 2020 I started my journey to both collecting rare aroids and setting up my business Best Buds.

My webshop was launched in May 2020, marking the start of a lot of firsts. Around 2021, I firstly started to experiment with crossing Anthuriums to create my own hybrids.

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My creations

You can find an overview of the plants resulting from my breeding activities on my plants page on Plant Provenance (currently under construction)

The future

Captain Aroid cultivar breeding

Under construction

Under construction

Hortikult digital solutions

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